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The family law attorneys at Greg Denney Law, PLLC, provide skillful and compassionate representation for your child custody matters.

We know that every family situation is different and requires specialized care. Our family lawyers in Tulsa offer sound advice to settle your child custody, visitation and support disputes. We help you choose the appropriate strategy, whether it's through settlement or trial.

Family law deals with sensitive emotional and financial issues that affect individuals, couples, children and families for the rest of their lives. That's why we take our responsibility seriously.

Child Custody

We work aggressively to protect and preserve your rights as a parent, as well as ensure the well-being of your child. Our experience and dedication are second to none. Our attorneys work closely with you to fight for the custody plan that works best for you and your child, whether it's joint custody or sole custody.

Child Support

Our lawyers aggressively pursue and collect back due child support owed by one parent to the other. We understand that child support is about more than money. When the other parent fails to contribute, it's your child who's hurting.

Parent Relocation

Parents wishing to move out of Oklahoma must comply with statutory notice requirements and must establish that their move will improve their lifestyle and that of their child. Typically a moving parent will need the court's permission to take the children with him or her if a nonmoving parent disagrees. Whether you are seeking or challenging a move, we can help by presenting the best evidence in support of your case.

Don't Wait To Get Started

Family matters should be resolved quickly so it doesn't evolve into something that impacts your child's development. The longer these issues go on, the more they may feel the effects. Contact Greg Denney Law, PLLC, today to set up your first consultation; call 800-599-1885 or reach out to us online.