We Take Surgical Errors Seriously

Going in for surgery always has its risks, but you trust that your surgeon will take every possible precaution to protect your health and safety. When something goes wrong as a result of poor practice from the surgeon, you have a right to significant compensation to pay for their mistakes.

Greg Denney Law, PLLC, is all too familiar with the devastating suffering that can result from surgical errors. At our Tulsa firm, we have helped numerous Oklahoma medical malpractice victims secure the compensation they need to make a full recovery, and to make up for their suffering and loss of life.

Types Of Surgical Errors

A variety of things could go wrong during surgery, many of them the result of negligence or malpractice from the surgeon or medical provider.

  • Wrong site: Surgery is done to the wrong part of your body.
  • Wrong patient: You are mixed up with another patient, resulting in the wrong surgery or surgery you don't need.
  • Faulty equipment: Defective surgical equipment causes damage to your body.
  • Items left in your body: The surgeon leaves surgical equipment such as sponges or gauze, in your body after surgery.
  • Infections: Unsanitary conditions or gross negligence from the surgeon results in a serious infection following your surgery.
  • Cause more damage: The surgeon causes nerve damage or damage to your other organs during a surgical procedure.

No matter what injury you sustained as a result of surgery, we are here to help. You work directly with our proven trial attorneys to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve following this gross medical malpractice.

Trust In Our History Of Success

Our lawyers have an extensive track record of successful settlements and cases in personal injury law, and in medical malpractice in particular.

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