It was nice, they were always helpful and told me the truth. They kept me informed throughout the whole process. Greg's staff is awesome and know what's going on in the office.

- J.K. 9.13.17

Thank you to Greg and all his staff at Greg Denney Law. They are easy to work with and helped us every step of the way. I am glad to have them on our side.

Thank you all.

- Jason F 08.15.2016

I had a car wreck on May 26, 2015 and it was a hit and run. I didn't think I would get paid for the accident and 3 months later I found the vehicle that hit me. I called the Highway Patrol and Trooper Kelley, the officer at the scene, went and got the insurance information, took pictures of the vehicle, and told me to call and file a claim, so I did. The insurance company wasn't trying to pay me anything because I junked my car. It was totaled out. I was homeless and couldn't afford to tow the car around with me. I called every lawyer in the phonebook. They all turned me down or couldn't help. Finally I ran across Greg Denney Law Firm. I explained my situation. They told me to come down to the office. We discussed everything that would and did take place. They even helped me with the medical treatment I needed.

Greg Denney Law stuck by my side until justice was served.

- SC 4.13.2016

I can't say enough positive things about Greg Denney Law firm and his staff. From the very first meeting they help me with a difficult situation. They were very accommodating and professional through the entire process. Their expertise is exceptional. I would recommend Greg Denney Law to anyone with a legal problem.

- JG 2.17.2016

Greg Denney came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a legal issue! After having a previous divorce attorney who did nothing but take my money, Greg, Simon and their staff stepped in and handled each and every matter that was important to me. They truly care about the issues and deal with them! The outcome of my divorce case would have been very different if Greg did what I suggested in a moment of weakness, and just settle my case. However, Greg Denney is not the type of attorney to let his clients walk away with less than they deserve! If you have to go through a trial...there is NO ONE better than Greg Denney!!! He is professional, intelligent, witty, and aggressive. I have never felt more protected, comfortable and confident with him by my side!! I would highly recommend Greg Denney and his law firm to my family, friends, and anyone who needs an attorney. I hope that I never need an attorney again, but it's awesome to know that if I do, he will take care of me!!! Very grateful to Greg and his team!!!

- SP 2.16.16

"GOD SENT" Since January 2012, I've had several court cases/ charges. Greg has handled all of them and has been able to obtain me more then satisfactory verdicts or outcomes in my favor. His staff from Rachael, Jessica to Amanda and Simon all work together as a family to best obtain you a verdict or court outcome results possible. I am appreciative of all of them especially you Greg for fighting and giving everything he has in court for me My brother thank you and your wife Kristina. I do appreciate you all.

- RM 12.15.15

When i was thinking of what to write i read some of the other comments and i came across the word "Shark!" Lol. That pretty much sums it up. Im a tad bit of a worry/control freak and i was always kept in tuned to what was going on. Highly recommend this law firm to everyone. Family/divorce/criminal, doesn't matter he's your man. A successful lawyer has to demand the courtrooms attention and in a respectful manor. He has it down to the T.

- RD

In addition to guiding me through a messy divorce currently, Greg, Simon and Amanda helped me to receive an acquittal today concerning false criminal charges levied against me by my ex wife. Their expertise and diligence ensured justice was served!!!!

- DW

Greg Denney is a shark.. you will feel totally confident going into a divorce with him on your side!

- DF

Gregg Denney, is a great attorney. You explain what you want and he explains the law and is very sharp. I highly recommend Gregg Denney, to all my friends.

- TC