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Brain injuries very common in car accidents

Driving is so common that many people in the Tulsa area fail to realize how dangerous it can be. Car accidents happen all the time. Many incidents involve minor fender benders. However, some accidents result in injuries and death. Out of the many types of injuries that victims sustain, brain injuries are among the most common. 

There is no way to tell how serious car accident victims’ injuries will be until they occur. While it is not uncommon to hear about people walking away from major wrecks with minor scratches and bruises, many accident victims end up with far more serious injuries. According to USA Today, in 2016, speeding and a lack of seatbelt use were contributing factors in the 37,461 fatal motor vehicle collisions that occurred. 

What happens if the other driver is uninsured in a car accident?

When you get into your car every day and start driving, you face an inherent risk: getting into a car accident. Even in circumstances where you are driving safely and practice vigilance in observing the law, other drivers may not be quite as responsible and end up causing an accident. While your involvement in a crash is never convenient, it can be increasingly difficult if you are dealing with another driver who is uninsured. When you know what process to follow in this scenario, you can still have a chance at getting compensation despite the other person's lack of coverage.

According to Esurance, there is a helpful five-step process you can follow when working with an uninsured driver. Here is what you can do:

  • Contact authorities: Immediately following the accident, call the authorities and stay at the scene of the crash.
  • Trade information: Exchange personal information with the other driver and make sure their writing is legible.
  • Contact your insurance company: When you inform your insurer of the accident, include every detail so they can properly assess the damage.
  • Focus on healing: Make sure you do not compromise your health and recovery. Your primary focus should be on getting better.
  • Fix your car: See that your vehicle is repaired in a timely manner so you can have transportation again. 

Drowsy drivers: more common, just as dangerous as drunk drivers

Tulsa motorists understand the very real dangers posed by drunk drivers. Many of us are unaware of the threat of drowsy driving, however.

According to a new study by AAA, fatigued drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers -- and much more common.

What to do following a car accident

No one -- whether living here in Oklahoma or elsewhere -- goes about their day expecting to get into an automobile accident. They just happen. When a car accident is the result of another person's negligence, the steps you take following the event matter.

So, after an accident, what should you do? What if you can't do everything suggested?

Oklahoma drivers have duty to drive reasonably in winter weather

Here at Greg Denney Law, PLLC, we represent the injured victims of car accidents caused by drivers who drove recklessly, negligently, aggressively or illegally on Oklahoma roads. Everyone who gets behind the wheel has the legal duty to drive with reasonable care so as not to harm others on the road, including pedestrians.

Winter driving caution

During these winter months, safe driving behavior on Oklahoma roads rises to a new level. What is a reasonable driving practice on dry pavement may be hazardous on ice, sleet or snow. When negligent winter driving causes an at-fault crash resulting in injury, the driver is legally responsible for money damages to compensate any victims for related medical bills, lost past and future wages, vehicle damage, pain and suffering and more.

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