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What is parent-taught driver's education?

Before a teen gets his or her driver's license they have to take a driver's education course. These courses help to teach teens essential skills they will need to know to operate a motor vehicle safely. Usually, you would take your child to a driver's education school, but in Oklahoma, you have the option of parent-taught driver's education, which according to the Department of Public Safety is a correspondence course.

To begin the process, you have to get the Parent Taught Drivers Education Packet. This provides you with the information you need to get the course and to get approved to go this route in teaching your child. Once you are approved, you get the study material from an approved provider to teach your child.

Where are a truck's blind spots?

You share the road every day with large trucks in Oklahoma. Large trucks are often involved in accidents with horrific outcomes. However, many of these accidents are caused by other drivers who do not respect the limitations of the trucks. They do not drive like your vehicle. They are heavier and larger. Due to their size, they are incredibly dangerous because they cannot stop as quickly and they have large blind spots where they cannot see around their vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains that you can be safer around trucks if you just understand the blind spots.

To begin with, trucks have blind spots all on sides of the vehicle. In addition, the blind spots are large. This is much different from smaller vehicles that usually only have a few small blind spots. They expand many feet from each side of the truck. The blind spot areas are called No Zones. It is essential to not travel in these No Zones if you want to avoid an accident.

Speeding is dangerous driving, and you can fight back

Oklahoma readers know there are various things that can increase the chance of involvement in a car accident. When other drivers act negligently or recklessly, it can cause significant financial harm to other innocent motorists. One of the most common ways people drive dangerously is by speeding.

Driving over the speed limit, especially at excessive levels, can make it more likely for an accident to happen, yet many drivers still choose to engage in this dangerous behavior. If you believe that speed played a role in the accident that left you injured, you may have options for holding liable parties accountable and seeking appropriate compensation.

How is fault determined in a car accident?

Knowing who is at fault in a car accident is an essential part of the investigation. Oklahoma is a fault state where knowing who is responsible for an accident is key. It helps determine who is responsible for the damage from the accident. Both law enforcement and the insurance companies want to know who caused this to happen so appropriate steps can be taken. 

According to Esurance, fault for a car accident is determined in a few different ways. Often, law enforcement will reconstruct the accident. This is done using evidence collected at the scene and from witnesses. If there are cameras in the area, they are used to help determine what happened. Sometimes, it is obvious from the wreckage how the accident occurred and who caused it so no reconstruction is needed. Law enforcement may also get a confession from one of the people involved that he or she was at fault. 

Stopping a reckless driver without risking your life

If you own a vehicle in Oklahoma, chances are you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to get to where you are going independently. You are vigilant in following the rules of the road and driving responsibly to protect yourself, your passengers and other motorists. However, that does not mean that driving is a risk-free activity. At Greg Denney Law, we are familiar with the dangers that people face every day when they get behind the wheel. 

If you have been driving for some time, chances are you have encountered a reckless driver at some point or another. Often, people who choose to drive recklessly may be participating in dangerous behaviors such as tailgating, carelessly changing lanes or speeding. According to Consumer Reports, it can be challenging sometimes to decide whether or not to call 911 to report a reckless driver. Understanding when this decision is appropriate is important so you can prevent an accident without risking your life. 

When trucks and passenger cars collide, death is likely

Tulsa truck accidents are often tragic events. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, 66 percent of the 3,986 truck accident fatalities that occurred in 2016 were passenger vehicle and car occupants. Trucks are much larger and heavier than cars and SUVs, and more likely to cause life-threatening injuries and death. Recent studies show that more than 80 percent of collisions that occur between trucks and passenger cars were caused by car drivers, states 

It is important for motorists to be extra cautious when they are near commercial vehicles. Here are some common causes of truck and car accidents.

  • Distractions
  • Road obstacles
  • Weather conditions
  • Defective trucking equipment
  • Driver fatigue
  • Alcohol and narcotics 

3 tips on sharing the road with commercial vehicles

When it comes to Tulsa truck accidents, motorists are usually quick to place the blame on truckers. However, in most commercial vehicle collisions, research shows truckers are not the culprits. According to, passenger vehicle drivers are responsible for 30 percent of truck crashes that occur on the roads. 

There are many reasons why trucks and passenger vehicles collide. Truckers work long hours, take fewer breaks and groom and eat while operating their vehicles. Motorists make risky driving maneuvers around truckers, not accounting for the physical dynamics and limitations of their vehicles. They also take for granted that truckers are human too, and may nod off and make mistakes when they are behind the wheel. Regardless of why commercial trucks and passenger vehicles collide, motorists should be careful of how they drive around tractor-trailers and trucks. 

2 ways to reduce distractions on the road

When it comes to driving in the Tulsa area, many people might not realize there are many hazards that impact their safety. Distractions are a major problem for drivers. According to Nationwide, 1,153 injuries and nine deaths occur daily from accidents involving distracted motorists. You might think it is okay to take a quick look at a text or look and reach for items in your vehicle. What you do not realize is you could crash your car in those few seconds you took your eyes off the road and end up with severe injuries and die. 

Serious accidents are often the result of driving with distractions. You may believe you are a safe driver. However, if you use your cellphone to text, call, play games and surf the internet while in traffic, you are risking your life as well as the lives of your passengers and other motorists on the roads. One behavior that is a combination of manual, cognitive and visual distraction and poses a significant risk to motorists is texting, states Bolt Insurance. Here are two ways to avoid distractions when you drive. 

Don't let a whiplash injury keep you down following a car crash

You head to work on the interstate, ready to conquer the day. However, all of a sudden, you hear a large bang and feel the impact of the car behind you striking your motor vehicle. Then, you feel pain in your neck.

You have just suffered whiplash in a car accident reportedly resulting from another driver's carelessness. Fortunately, you have the right to seek justice in Oklahoma.

Brain injuries very common in car accidents

Driving is so common that many people in the Tulsa area fail to realize how dangerous it can be. Car accidents happen all the time. Many incidents involve minor fender benders. However, some accidents result in injuries and death. Out of the many types of injuries that victims sustain, brain injuries are among the most common. 

There is no way to tell how serious car accident victims’ injuries will be until they occur. While it is not uncommon to hear about people walking away from major wrecks with minor scratches and bruises, many accident victims end up with far more serious injuries. According to USA Today, in 2016, speeding and a lack of seatbelt use were contributing factors in the 37,461 fatal motor vehicle collisions that occurred. 

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