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What are the best safety features to have?

Vehicles today have a wide array of available safety features. Some of them come standard while others are add-ons. Some are just nice to have while others really can save your life. It is not always easy to know which ones you should get on your vehicle because car makers want you to get them all so they can make extra money on the sale. However, there is some new technology that you really should consider getting when you are buying a vehicle in Oklahoma.

What is auto-brewery syndrome?

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is wrong. If you get into an accident and the other driver is intoxicated, that person will face stiffer penalties. However, there is an issue that could make someone seem as if they are drunk even if they are not. It is called auto-brewery syndrome, which NPR explains is when the body produces alcohol in the stomach.

What is parent-taught driver's education?

Before a teen gets his or her driver's license they have to take a driver's education course. These courses help to teach teens essential skills they will need to know to operate a motor vehicle safely. Usually, you would take your child to a driver's education school, but in Oklahoma, you have the option of parent-taught driver's education, which according to the Department of Public Safety is a correspondence course.

Stopping a reckless driver without risking your life

If you own a vehicle in Oklahoma, chances are you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to get to where you are going independently. You are vigilant in following the rules of the road and driving responsibly to protect yourself, your passengers and other motorists. However, that does not mean that driving is a risk-free activity. At Greg Denney Law, we are familiar with the dangers that people face every day when they get behind the wheel. 

2 ways to reduce distractions on the road

When it comes to driving in the Tulsa area, many people might not realize there are many hazards that impact their safety. Distractions are a major problem for drivers. According to Nationwide, 1,153 injuries and nine deaths occur daily from accidents involving distracted motorists. You might think it is okay to take a quick look at a text or look and reach for items in your vehicle. What you do not realize is you could crash your car in those few seconds you took your eyes off the road and end up with severe injuries and die. 

Brain injuries very common in car accidents

Driving is so common that many people in the Tulsa area fail to realize how dangerous it can be. Car accidents happen all the time. Many incidents involve minor fender benders. However, some accidents result in injuries and death. Out of the many types of injuries that victims sustain, brain injuries are among the most common. 

Oklahoma drivers have duty to drive reasonably in winter weather

Here at Greg Denney Law, PLLC, we represent the injured victims of car accidents caused by drivers who drove recklessly, negligently, aggressively or illegally on Oklahoma roads. Everyone who gets behind the wheel has the legal duty to drive with reasonable care so as not to harm others on the road, including pedestrians.

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