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What could you do if your claim were denied?

One of the most frustrating things you could have happen to you after a traumatic auto accident is for your insurance company to deny your claim. Luckily, insurance denial letters are often not the end of the road when it comes to car crash compensation in Oklahoma. 

How is fault determined in a car accident?

Knowing who is at fault in a car accident is an essential part of the investigation. Oklahoma is a fault state where knowing who is responsible for an accident is key. It helps determine who is responsible for the damage from the accident. Both law enforcement and the insurance companies want to know who caused this to happen so appropriate steps can be taken. 

What happens if the other driver is uninsured in a car accident?

When you get into your car every day and start driving, you face an inherent risk: getting into a car accident. Even in circumstances where you are driving safely and practice vigilance in observing the law, other drivers may not be quite as responsible and end up causing an accident. While your involvement in a crash is never convenient, it can be increasingly difficult if you are dealing with another driver who is uninsured. When you know what process to follow in this scenario, you can still have a chance at getting compensation despite the other person's lack of coverage.

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